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Dual Boot Windows 8 With Windows XP

The Default Boot Loading Option of windows 8 is set to Windows Developer Preview this disables the WINDOWS XP Booting.However after hours of  R&D I finally Found out the way to change the booting sequence to enable Windows Xp. Follow These Simple Steps and you will be able to reboot windows xp.

Step 1: Navigate To The My Computer.

Step2: Click On The "System Properties" Present On The Extreme Right Side Of The Ribbon.

Step3: On The Next Window Select "Advanced System Settings".

Step4: Now Navigate towards the "ADVANCE" Tab and  then click setting for “Start-up  & recovery ”.

Step5: Now In The Default OS Selection Select  “Earlier Version of Windows ” Now click on ok and restart your PC.

Step6: Now you should have option to load windows XP prior to Windows 8 Start ,Enjoy all windows  platform 

Command Line Execution

Type this ” bcdedit /set {bootmgr} default {ntldr} ” and reboot your PC and you should get your Windows XP back with “Windows Earlier version option” in boot menu.

Saturday, January 14, 2012
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