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Initiate the Uninitiated :Godly Tricks for your Windows 8 PC

Windows 8 can be a bitter pill because of the new interface,as every thing seems to be out of their place where they used to be in windows 7.So here are few tricks which can make your daily task easier.

Easy way to access all the settings aka God Mode:

The pain in using Windows 8 is trying to find the various system settings. Here's a way to make them straight away available with a single click.

1) Go to Desktop.
2)Right click and select "New Folder".
3)Once created, rename the folder to this exact code-

 you can replace GodMode from above code to any other name whichever you like,but the rest of the code should be written exactly as it is.

4) Open the folder to see all a whole bunch of settings.

 PS-this settings also works with Windows 7

Shutdown Windows swiftly:

Shutting down Windows 8 usually involves multiple steps, as one has to navigate to Charms bar then click "Settings",blah blah then "Power" and finally "Shutdown".In order to reduce this we can create a desktop shortcut.

1. Right click on desktop to select "New Shortcut".
2. Enter shutdown.exe-s-t 0, in the location of the item.
3. Click Next.
4. Name it Shutdown and click "Finish".

Once the shortcut is created you can even pin it to Taskbar (right click on the shotcut and select "Pin to taskbar"), Or you can also place it on the Modern(Metro) interface (Right click on the shortcut and select "Pin to Start").

Add commonly used folders and functions to Desktop

The default desktop in Windows 8 is pretty denuded, so to add commonly used folders such as "Computer" etc 

1. Right click and select "Personalize".
2. On the upper left corner of the box, select "Change desktop items".

3. In the dialog box that opens, check the icons you want on the desktop.
4. Click "Ok" to save.

Sunday, February 10, 2013
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